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Price competitiveness is a key incentive for supplier selection. However, there are a number of important factors that every consumer has to take into account in order to reach his final choice.


The credibility and security that each supplier provides, its productive potential, its long-term presence in the sector, its clientele, the customer-centric philosophy that distinguishes it, the quality of its services.


Hyperion aims to serve consumers well. It proposes them the most advantageous choice of electricity provider based on their needs and serving their own interests alone.

Hyperion is active in the supply of electricity, aiming to provide electricity to businesses, professionals and households, serving customers' needs for competitive prices and modern, reliable services.
At a time when electricity market data is changing rapidly, with private companies bombing consumers with enough financial proposals to lure them out of PPC, Hyperion is here to save you money, but also to protect you from unpleasant surprises, by conducting in-depth research among the country's largest and most trusted providers.
Our goal is to provide your business and home with the most economical FINAL pricelist price, with excellent service and with the guarantee of the largest and most reliable power providers.

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